Social Responsibility

Shona is deliberately connecting her work with related causes by donating part of the proceeds from sales to a variety of charities.

For instance, every sale of a lion sculpture will prompt a donation to For the Love of Wildlife, which funds animal protection projects in Australia, New Zealand and Africa; and the works depicting Lily the cat will generate contributions to the SPCA.

Of the philanthropic motivation behind this Shona says, “I want my art to engage with people’s hearts before their minds, and many people are like me in that they feel an instinctive connection to the natural world. I am very passionate about animals and I believe I can use my sculptures to build awareness about conservation and animal protection while donating to organisations working at the coalface.

“We also provide sculpting at cost to charities working to save endangered species, such as the huge albatross made and donated to attract mother birds in the Chatham Islands. I also believe from an ethical point of view that any person or company that uses any animal for promotional purposes should stand by the brand and pay some of the proceeds to help those animals. We pay for human models when we use them, and I would love to see the same approach when we use animals or their images to push any product or service.

Shona Lyon_sculpture_FINALS_020.jpg