My Commandments

I have noted the following commandments/notes over my time sculpting:

  • Creativity is my spirituality

  • To create something, I must first become nothing.

  • My Art is seeded in my soul, held in my heart and then birthed through my hands.

  • Art helps me to find myself but I need to lose myself first.

  • If my Ego orders me to do a sculpture, it won’t be very good.

  • Clay is left dormant until the time is right.

  • I believe it is imperative that sculpture be touched in order to be fully understood. Sculptures need to be experienced not just looked at.

  • Nothing always leads to Something

  • My personal judgment of my art is none of my business.

  • When I feel paralysed…that painfully exquisite moment before any form, when everything is possible and so nothing is – I just move my hands.

  • No-thing, is something, just yet to be unformed.

  • When there is nothing in my head I know I’m ready to begin with the art of creating.

  • Sometimes getting out of my own way is my biggest obstacle to creating.

  • I need to be very courageous to allow myself the opportunity to make mistakes.

  • Courage to let go, is one of the hardest things I seldom know how to do.

  • If I am attached to the outcome then it is not a creation but a making.

  • The clay used in sculpture has already lived in many different forms. All those beings are still alive within it. It truly is a living being.

  • It feels as if an unseen force enters my soul – all I have to do is stay the hell out of it!

  • My Art - It is not of me but through me.

  • Sometimes I am blind until I close my eyes and see.

  • We understand most when we close our eyes to our mind and what we think we see.

Richard Clague